Are you looking for an easy entry into the wine world? To broaden your knowledge? To be introduced to new wines, or to just continue drinking what you love?

Do you feel overwhelmed walking into a shop wanting to explore new wines but not knowing where to start?

Do you know exactly what wines you like but would like to try something new and different?

Well we have you covered! Our in house wine experts are here to hand pick wines especially for you and have them delivered straight to your door. At The Wine Cellar we are passionate about finding wine loving friends and passing on our knowledge and our easy wine subscription service provides the most convenient way for you to try new wines without having to leave your house.

With our wine club, you can have a selection of wines delivered straight to you on a regular basis, making it easy to always have a good bottle of wine on hand.

You Subscribe – We Supply – You Enjoy

By simply filling out this short form we will be able to get to know you, what you love and what you are looking for. All you need to tell us are –

  1. The type of wines you enjoy (if you know),

2. How much you would like to spend per bottle,

3. How often you would like a delivery, and

4. If you prefer a case of 6 bottles (a delivery charge of £5 will be added if your wine delivery is below £75).

For added convenience we can also;

  1. Deliver to your preferred address (home or work) or have your monthly case ready for you to collect,
  2. Change your selection whenever you wish,
  3. Exchange any unopened bottles (albeit we do not expect that you will want to)!
  4. Postpone a case if you are going away.

There is no minimum commitment and no cancellation fee. So why not get in touch and sign up today.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.