Special Offers

“Dry January” is not in our vocabulary, so we thought that we would keep in the Christmas spirit and share some great January offers for you all to enjoy!  Some great wines at great prices.

Call in whilst stocks last to take advantage of these promotions.

A great Bordeaux at a great price......
Well balanced and harmonious with aromas of red fruits and spicy notes.
Smooth and easy to drink.

A superb Chianti Riserva from a top producer.
Incredibly soft, leading with a palate of dried cherry, forest fruits and striking vanilla.
Perfect partner for a good winter casserole. At more than 20% off, a great wine for £10.

Centelleo Tempranillo - filled with juicy bramble and cherry fruit flavours, finishing with soft tannins. A huge saving and quality wine for £5 - definitely worth trying!

Andes Peaks Carmenere - soft and subtle on the palate with balanced notes of smoke and spice on the nose.
Another great wine for £5 per bottle.

A great champagne at a great price, what is not to like!

Santa Alba Reserve - a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc packed with gooseberry, herbs and vibrant citrus fruit.
Another firm favourite at £5 bottle, at nearly 40% off, this will not be on the shelf for long!