Planning your wedding will be one of your most memorable experiences. Whilst we can’t help you with the rings, flowers and cars, we have almost 30 years of experience in helping couples pick the wines for their special day. 

We can tailor our service, ensuring that you serve the right wines for you, your guests, your meal and your budget.

We believe that choosing the wine for your wedding should be an enjoyable experience. All of our advice ahead of your day is completely free, so why not arrange a no obligation chat in our store to meet one of our team and see what we can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know how much wine I will need?

All we need to know is the number of guests and your plan for the day and we can advise on how many bottles you will need. Better still, we can be sure that you have plenty and as we offer sale or return on unopened bottles you will not be charged for anything you don’t drink and you won’t be left with anything that you have over ordered!

I am only having a small wedding, do you have a minimum purchase?

We cater for weddings and events of all sizes, from small intimate parties, to very large, multi-day celebrations. Whatever you are planning, we will be sure to help.

I do not know much about wine, how do I choose the right one for my day?

That is exactly what we are here for and what we love to do. We will advise you on wines that are typical crowd pleasers and we will also pair to your food menus and budget. We stock over 850 wines from as little as £5 per bottle upwards and with access to many more we are sure to find the perfect wines for you.

We don’t only want wine, what else do you offer?

We have a huge range of spirits, liqueurs, beers and soft drinks that we will also supply on a sale or return basis.

We have picked our venue – will they let me bring my own wine?

Most venues on the Island will allow you to bring your own wine subject to a corkage charge. By speaking to your venue you can find out what this is and we will factor the cost into any of our calculations. Alternatively, we know most of the venues on the Island and are happy to discuss this with them on your behalf.

Do you have glasses we can hire?

We can do better than that, we will loan glasses to you for free and will only charge a nominal cleaning fee if you bring them back dirty. If they come back clean there is no charge at all!